Apron Swap!

May 8, 2010

Hello Buttercups,

What a week this was, started out with a ruined apron, on the day after I was supposed to mail it and ended with a new car…

I joined another apron swap last month, my first swap in over a year. It was great to be creating again and was I excited about the apron I had planned.  It took a while for me to make my apron this time. The theme was polka dots and my partner liked pink and black.

I decided I was going to make my polka dots with my embroidery machine. It was not hard to do but it was time-consuming. I was done with this little bugger and when I took it out of the washing machine there were little bleached spots all down the front of it…. My heart sunk and it was back to the old Bernina.

I didn’t have to go to the fabric store, my stash had everything I needed.

I was told my apron was for a 11-year-old lady, who loved to cook and was a little bit punk. So here’s what I made

I made it reversible so if she doesn’t feel punky one day, she doesn’t need to show it. She can just be polka dotty!

I really hopes she loves it and wears it often.

I, in turn received a fabulous apron in beautiful rich fabrics that’s fun and flirty.

It was Debbie, Miss Fabulous’ first swap and she scored an A++++.

I’m sure she’ll be a swapper for life now….

Don’t ya just love it!!!!

Well as I said in the beginning my week ended with a new car,  yep Momma’s got a new ride…

Now, how sexy is that!!!!

Well until next time,,,, sew on girl, sew on…..


Polka Dot Swap

April 11, 2010

I’ve signed up for a swap, my first in over a year.  This swap is organized by the famous Shawnee, she has had many, many apron swaps which are always fun and filled with surprises.

The swap theme is Polka Dots, so I took some time out today to go shopping and found this beautiful piece of fabric…


But where the heck are the polka dots………


I guess I will find them here…….

 Better get started……..

Worldless Wedesday

November 11, 2009

I Think I Just Solved The Problem….

November 10, 2009


In my last post I talked about how I’m a sewer who just happens to quilt. I think I’ve solved that problem now,


Come to MaMa!!!!!!

I was going to ask for this for Christmas, but a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do.   The Accuquilt, a die cut machine for fabric. Boy, is my quilting group going to love me……. 

I just happen to be a sewer who quilts.

October 19, 2009


Well, I’ve been a busy bee since yesterdays Sunday Stash. I’ve measured. I’ve cut. I’ve sewed, and I’ve recut again and again.


 In all the craziness I’ve come to the conclusion your either a quilter, or a sewer who quilts. Guess what, I’m a sewer you just happens to quilt.

Now don’t get me wrong they’re both amazing talents, but a quilter can make fabulous quilts with all the points perfect and when it says “you’ll end up with a 5 1/4″ square,” they always do.

A sewer who quilts also can make fabulous quilts, but somehow they don’t measure up. When it says “you’ll end up with a 5 1/4″ square,” you really end up with a 5″ square.

I’ll keep trying…..

Have a Fabulous Day


Sunday Stash

October 18, 2009

I think I’m finding more things to do, instead of getting things done!

I bought this fabric to match a jelly roll I purchased from Missouri Quilt Company. Love the web store. If you’ve never heard about this place go check it out. I have to say I’ve taken advantage of their daily deals, and their costumer service is the bomb!

I will be making a quilt for my friend Susan. I  met Susan on a Yahoo Group message board about 2 1/2 years ago. She has been a great support to me these last few months and I want to make her something in return.

My plan is to get it done before Thanksgiving, so keep your fingers crossed.

Have a Fabulous Day


Wordless Wednesday

August 19, 2009

My fabulous quilting group made a number of quilts for these beautiful children, and by the looks on most of their faces they loved them. My quilting group is comprised of 17 nurses that have one time or another, if not currently, work in the ER at our local Pediatric hospital.